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Free Ringtones at 2Loop.Com
There are many websites out there that offer ringtones and other mobile phone resources out there.  Yet, we haven't seen one site out there that offers absolutely free ringtones.  Why pay for something that might not sound right on your phone?  It seems like ring tones these days are costing more than regular music downloads. That's what this site is all about.

We offer:
100% Free Ringtones
No registration or tedious account creation processes!
No collection of any personal information whatsoever!
Basically no gimmicks!

What's the catch?
Basically, there is no catch.  Just as long as your phone supports it.  We were tired of websites trying to capitalize on ring tones when it should actually be free.  Like most other sites, there are ads on these pages to offset the cost of hosting these tones.  So in order to keep this site running and expanding, please pass the word along to your friends.

What do I need?
Most of our ringtones are polyphonic.  Basically you need a mobile phone that supports polyphonic or true ringtones in midi (mid) or mp3 format (most newer phones do).  Second of all, your phone/service must have access to the internet (WAP, GPRS, etc.) so you can initiate a transfer from our site.  Data charges might apply depending on your plan and carrier.

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